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can clip v170
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How Renault CAN CLiP Software Work with Nissan Consult III Adapter?

Test report: Nissan consult 3 interface can run with Renault CAN CLiP software and to diagnose program Renault cars .

If that is recognized as VI alliance by drivers this will work with Clip and Consult too
I’d say that there is very high chance of success.

Nissan consult 3 can work with Nissan and Renault cars, while there is only Nissan software come with the interface, you need to buy Renault software extra

Do not but the ones flying around with the WHITE < <16 PIN CONNECTOR.
As regards programming, I'm unsure because I never tested, However there are can clip interfaces that are alliance B and they work fine.

Look at this diagram:

Let's enlarge this 2-in one interface:

In working:

CAN Clip V170 Plus Nissan Consult 3 2 in 1 on sale:

EOBDTOOL official blog:


Renault CAN CLiP Disconnect When Using(solved)

Renault CAN CLiP feedback:
CANCLIP interface disconnects automatically when i’m using it...
I am using CAN CLIP with PCB as follows: (it’s item no. SP19-D)


Tech support via
Hi, I’m sorry to hear that.
For the connection issues of CAN CLIP Renault SP19-D, you’re advised to rework the PCB:

Solder and make the two connection
Then it will work again.

Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface without connection/communication issues.

It’s the Quality A+++ CAN CLIP for Renault,1:1 clone of the original

In the PCB, engineers add the high quality chip CYPRESS AN2135SC or CYPRESS AN2136SC.
This chip AN2135SC/AN2136SC solved communication issues of old CLIP versions. That make CLIP work more stable and can be used for a longer time.

Using other versions of Renault CLIP, the diagnostic interface will disconnect if users have no operation for 10 minutes around after successful communication to the car.

That’s all we can do for you about Renault CAN CLiP connection issues and how to solve.

Renault CAN CLiP user manual: 
Renault CAN CLiP Windows 7 install (Video):


How to Install Renault CAN CLIP V170 for ECU (re-)programming

This is for you information: how to setup Renault CAN CLIP V170 software on Windows 7 32bit to have obd2 diagnostic tests, ecu reprogramming/programming.

Renault CAN CLIP v170 software download:

Renault CAN CLIP reprogramming interface:

Renault CAN CLIP programming interface:

Renault CAN CLIP V170 Windows 7 installation:

Step 1: run Crack Renault CLIP

You should have a working CAN CLIP 170 application:
Insert CAN CLIP 170 disk E: and open it
Copy the folder Activation(Patch V3) to Desktop, then open it
Open Crack Renault CLIP registration entries: Merge
Register Editor: click Yes.
Click OK.

Step 2: install Renault CLIP 170
Run setup.exe
CLIP V170 is running automatically
Click the laptop icon (FIRST INSTALLATION) in CLIP V170 interface.
Click on I acceptagreement and click Next.
Select country. (here, select OTHER COUNTRY). and click on Next.
Select a setup language and click Next.
Manufacturer:Renault. click Next.
Click Next to begin copying files.
Installing clip
Updating your system...
Next to install Windows Resource Kit Tools
Click on I agree then Next
User information: Next
Install now
Installing progress...
Finish to install Windows Resource Kit Tools
RESTART your computer
Extracting 100%
RESTART your computer
Finish installation of CLIP 170
Renault can clip installation success

Step 3: setup CLIP properties
Open CLIP properties on Desktop
Open file location:
Cut RSRWin application in local disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application
Paste it on Desktop
Copy RSRWin application on Desktop/Activation (Patch V3)
And paste the RSRWin (from Desktop) in local disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application
Close CLIP properties

Step 4: register CLIP
Run RSRWin application in local disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application
Accept the license and register CLIP
Are you part of the Renault Network? Select No.
Enter the unlocking code with the picture guide Renault Clip Registeration Step 4 in the folder Activation(Patch V3)
then click Confirm.
Registration successful: click OK.
Replace RSRWin in C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application withRSRWin on Desktop

Step 5: install Renault can clip 170 driver software

Wizard helps install software for 1B-Alliance Vehicle Communication Interface
Select: Install...automatically
Finish installation of software for 18B-Alliance Vehicle Communication Interface

Open Computer management
Select 1B-Alliance Vehicle Communication Interface

Step 6: open Renault CLIP v170 to begin diagnosis
Run CLIP renault software
There will be a computer security alert. Just click Unlock.

Renault can clip in eobdtool official blog:

Renault CAN Clip user manual:


Renault CLIP V170 Windows 7: 100% Tested Successfully

Renault CLIP diagnostic software V170 is tested without any issue on Windows 7 with CANCLIP interface china clone!

Operation system:
Windows 7 32 bit

CAN CLIP V170 download free for test:!VDxFRAZQ. 
key: !a94JfYiSSSwL4HGwmCfpmK4u5_l377wEJKQVczCdiZ8

CLIP 170 test result: Success, Works perfect

CAN CLIP Renault V170 for sale:
€9.90, a CD, Free shipping

Renault CANCLIP interface china clone working with CLIP 170 windows 7:
SP19-A: 1:1 clone of the original

SP19-B: the most popular

SP19-C: high quality

SP19-D: the cheapest: 99euro

SP19-E: best for Renault ecu programming

Renault can clip ebay?
Ebay definitely is a good place to buy items. But the Renault diagnostic tool with the best reputation is from , not ebay.  The newest renault can clip software is tested faster than anyone else and the result is reliable!

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Renault CAN CLIP Worked with Nissan Consult Software

 Here are a PCB CANCLIP interface ( bluetooth) recognized by clip software with the reference 926573 and can work with the NISSAN CONSULT software.

 This interface is slightly different than obdstart 

CAN electronic board :

 ISO electronic board :

 This interface is down, the green ISO LED does not light up ! !

Looking for a bit more meadows, using a multimeter we can see that the ISO LED is controlled
directly from microprocessor on CAN electronic board via component and 2x35 points connector. So I redid the welds of
these components.

Another point on the CAN electronic board at the voltage converter 3.3Vdc -> 5Vdc ( LTC1871 ),we found a power MOSFET
in case SOIC8 . I guess it is a FDS7760A following the LTC1871 datasheet (the reference of the component being buffed ! ) Here:

 This component is cooled through the ground plane ! This is why it is slightly over- high.
Moreover, a drain tabs ( in this case the pin5 ) is not welded ? ?
So I resoldered this component properly, taking care of the well -plated to ensure contact with the runway under

After a test table with a 12Vdc power supply , the green ISO LED lights again .

Recognition of the USB driver in the device manager :

 Updating firmware of the probe :

 Then direction vehicle, for a real test on a multiplex network :

 Playing a default on the parking brake :

And now a new probe repaired.

links :
Voltage converter datasheet : LTC1871EMS ( LTSX marking code)
MOSFET datasheet : FDS4072N3 ( guess the reference component being buffed !)


if you are not equipped with tech or knowledge, or fail to make Renault CAN CLIP interface work with Nissan Consult software, please go to Renault CAN CLIP and Nissan Consult iii 2 in 1 diagnostic interface:


it's only 120 euro (saved a lot), working great as Renault can clip and Nissan consult 3

it's only 120 euro (saved a lot), working great as Renault can clip and Nissan consult 3

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