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can clip v170
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How to install Renault CAN CLIP V165 diagnostic tool

Renault CANCLIP V165 has been tested successfully! So, Renault CLIP 165 software, how to install? The step-by-step installation of CLIP V165... Here you go.

Renault can clip update:
via a CD with Renault CLIP v165 software

CLIP V165 test report:

Renault can clip windows 7?
Windows XP system is the one pros tested; for others O.S., you need luck

Renault can clip car list:
Renault 1998-2016

Renault can clip manual:

CAN CLIP v165 function:
Professional diagnosis on ENGINE, automatic gear shifting, Air conditioning system, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, IMMO, KEYZESS GO system, OBD-I I and so on.

Renault can clip ecu programming?
Can clip clone cannot support ecu programming. You need do it with Renault-COM diagnostic tool.

Renault canclip v165 how to install:
Step 1 - run Crack Renault CLIP
Insert CAN CLIP 165disk E: and open it.
Copy Activation(Patch V3) to Desktop
Open Crack Renault CLIP registration entries
Register Editor: click Yes.
Click OK.

Step 2 - install Renault CAN CLIP 165
Run setup.exe
CLIP V165 is running automatically
Click the laptop icon (FIRST INSTALLATION) in CLIP V165 interface.
Click "I accept...agreement" and click Next.
Select country. (here, select OTHER COUNTRY). and click Next.
Select language and click Next.
Manufacturer:Renault. click Next.
Click Next to begin copying files.
Installing clip....
Renault can clip installation success
RESTART your computer

Step 3 - setup CLIP properties
Open CLIP properties on Desktop
Open file location:
Cut RSRWin application in local disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application
Paste RSRWin application on Desktop
Close CLIP properties
Replace RSRWin with another RSRWin application in Computer/renault can clip disk E:/Activation(Patch V3)

Step 4 - register CLIP
Run RSRWin application in local disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application
Accept the license and register CLIP
Are you part of the Renault Network? Select No.
Enter the unlocking code with the picture guide Renault Clip Registeration Step 4 in the folder Activation(Patch V3)
then click Confirm.
Registration success: click OK.
Replace "RSRWin" in C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application with"RSRWin" on Desktop
Prompt: installing device driver software...
Prompt: device driver software installed successfully

Step 5 - open CLIP v165 to begin diagnosis
Run CLIP renault software
There will be a computer security alert. Just click Unlock.

Renault CAN CLIP V165: Tested OK, Works Perfectly

This is a test report of the new Renault CAN CLIP v165 diagnostic software. With new and old ecus, both OK in diagnosis and ecu reprogramming. Here you go

Who did the test: Professionals working for

What ECU to test with: Old ecu: Megane the 1997 year
                                         New ecu: Megane the 2010 year

Which software version: Renault CLIP V165.exe

Which diagnostic tool used: Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface
Note: 3 versions of china clones tested, incl.
Renault can clip the best-quality version (no communication issues)

What function tested: Obdii diagnosis...... 100% OK
                                       Ecu reprogramming.....OK
                                       Ecu programming....failed
                                       Key programming....failed
Note: for Renault ECU programming and key programming, Renault-COM diagnostic tool is the only one choice among china clones.
Is the test result reliable?
Definitely yes! The pros has been working in technique support of OBDII diagnosis and programming for years!

Where to get the tested Renault CAN CLIP software v165 to update?


Where to download working Renault CAN CLIP V165?

CAN CLIP V165 for Renault is working now? Free download CAN CLIP V165 for Renault on Mega and try on your own risk:

So can you use CLIP V165 safely?
NO! Definitely not.

Can clip v165 download links are shared individually in some communities like forum.

For sake of SECURITY, go for a tested version of Renault can clip diagnostic software. Here you go...
Post: Renault Can CLIP V164 Tested Report
Source: Renault Can CLIP V164 software
Note: CLIP V164 is a crack version, tested to work 100% with renault can clip diagnostic interface china clone:
Four versions available: cheapest, best-quality, good quality, most populous
Renault CLIP buying guide:
most populous:
It’s necessary to get the details if you wanna buy a working renault can clip diagnostic tool from china.

Free Download Renault Can CLIP V165 + Reprog v151+ Keygen+ Patch

(02.2017) Latest CAN CLIP software update is coming! Here you can free download Renault can clip V165+ Renault Reprog V151+ can clip Keygen+ Patch+ Renault pin extractor+ Reprog manual!
Free download Renault Can CLIP V165 Full Patch in mega
(Individually tested with unknown security! so enjoy at your own risk!)
Link 1!l04FkLCI!4bcsrw8w91dArVd41MESSbgNKRwSsT3sv0LlE9G_zmU
No pass
Link 2!zlBGDS4Y!BYP27QHEDfBkmZ2f9dY7j7RcDaZBCFIu_wh1Ic9YTeM
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If you want 100% working new CAN CLIP software, you can try Renault Can CLIP V164!
Renault Can CLIP V164 tested SAFE source here (ONLY €9.9, 100% WORKING):
Tested compatible Renault Can CLIP interfaces:
SP19-B (€104.99)
Renault CLIP V165 software information:
Description: for the diagnosis of electronic systems program cars Renault, Dacia and Samsung
Version: V165
Date of update: 02.2017
Size: 1.75 GB
Type: Renault Diagnostic Tool.
Region: All Regions
Language: English (Multilingual)
Developer: SPX
Platform: WinXP, Vista, Windows7
Medicine: Present

P.S. Referred information for your reference
Renault Can CLIP V164 hardware requirements:
At least AMD or Intel Celeron/Pentium CPU 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB free HDD space, USB 1.1 port (USB 2.0 recommended)
Renault Can CLIP V164 supported languages:
English, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Romanian, Swedish and Russian
Renault Can CLIP V164 function:
Computer test
Automatic test of all computers
Airbag test
scantool (OBD tests)
Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
Physical measurements

It's very simple to diagnose a vehicle using Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface: just select the vehicle make, enter the V.I.N. and press ENTER.


Renault CAN CLIP vs. Renault-COM diagnostic tool

Renault can clip cannot program ECUs or add new keysSo, any solution of this? Definitely yes! Renault-COM Diagnostic and Programming Tool... Here you go.


€ 84.99
€ 149
Operation system
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/10  
Windows XP/ 7
English, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek,Hebrew,Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Spanish, Turkish
English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Sweden
Obdii diagnosis
ECU programming
Key programming
Airbag programming
Injector programming
Service reset
Power steering

So, the cheaper Renault-COM Bluetooth wins! It should be a better choice for diagnosis and programming at the dealer level advanced device for Renault vehicles. It can access various electronic control units (ECU) such as engine, gearbox, ABS, Airbag / SRS. It can display identification, read and clear fault code memory, display and store measured values and perform actuator tests. 

 OBD2 at the Renault-COM interface contains eight pieces of ISO9141 K-Line, a piece of ISO9141 L-Line, CAN-BUS and analog-measuring circuits.

Multi-language available:
English, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (United States ), Finnish, French (standard), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Spanish, Turkish
Characteristics Renault-COM:
Fully Multiplexed Bluetooth-in-One Interface
ECU automatic recognition
Automatic vehicle scan 
ECU identification: - finds all calculators available in the car by pressing the single button
Bluetooth - wireless connectivity to your laptop or a Windows tablet
Fault code (DTC) reading 
Compensation fault code, with the ability to store the DTC vehicle history forever
Playback frame playback 
Live live measurement / recording data from live data, fully dynamic with graphic up to 6 data streams at a time, recording and other manipulations
Diagnostic protocol printing
Testing of actuators, test components via direct ECU access
Renault-COM Special functions - perform reseller level high-end programming / coding such as:
Key Programming
Service reset
DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration
EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) self-test
Airbag Programming
Programming the injector
Power steering
Programming ECU
Car configurations


Original Renault CLIP vs Renault CAN CLIP china clone

Any difference between among the genuine and copy Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface? Details are listed here for reference.

Genuine Renault can clip
But there are four copy versions of Renault CLIP in China, with . For details, please refer to the site:
Best option: a 1 to 1 clone of the original:
In the PCB, engineers add the high quality chip CYPRESS AN2135SC or CYPRESS AN2136SC.
The new chip AN2135SC/AN2136SC solved communication issues of old CLIP (esp. the most populous version sp19-b). That make CLIP work more stable and can be used for a longer time

Using other versions of Renault CLIP, the diagnostic interface will disconnect if users have no operation for 10 minutes around after successful communication to the car.

With this new CAN CLIP for Renault, the issue solved, with the chip AN2135SC/AN2136SC. This is the PCB with new design.
Genuine CAN CLIP vs Clone Renault CAN CLP
Genuine CAN CLIP: ok in diagnosis, ECU programming, key programming
Clone Renault CAN CLP: highlight of obdii diagnosis, ECU reprogramming

CLIP versions above differs in functions, PCBs and price. All have been tested without issues on Automatic test of all computers, Physical measurements, OBD diagnostic tests, Airbag test,Antipollution, Multimeterin English/ German/ Brazil/ Denish/ Spanish/ Finnish/ French/ Italian/ Norwegian/ Dutch/ Portuguese/ Romania/Swedish.

Read the following tips if you decide to buy items from China.

Tip 1: Quality & Price
In China, you can get anything - at/for any price, problem is that you will have to accept the quality. "You get what you pay for" - And this is more or less true, there will be always someone somewhere "trying to" do it for less, but there are thresholds and once you step under them, you will have to suffer from the results. Quality of a product also depends on the material you purchase (You can't simply make gold out of wood)

Tip 2: Reasons for low costs
The only reason why the obdii diagnostic cables are made in China is because 90% of the materials (micro-controllers and ICs) come from there.That is, it's mainly about cost, most people would not be ready to pay 3-4 times the price just for the device being made in Europe or the US.
So, items are produced in high quantity and cost saving here

Anyway, good luck when but items in China.