can clip v170

can clip v170
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Renault Can Clip V156 Software

Newest Renault CAN Clip Software CD Only 9.9EUR, Free Shipping

Renault CAN Clip update to Newest Version V156, you can get this software CD alone to update your old version Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool
Newest software included inside the CD. You just need uninstall old version software, install this new software on your laptop, then it can work with your previous CAN Clip interface.

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Renault CAN Clip Software Display:

Package list:
1* Renault CAN Clip Software CD


How to install Renault CAN CLIP V156

Free download Renault CAN CLIP 156 and get the most detailed installation guide from obdtool.
Free download
Operating system:
Windows XP
Workable device:
Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool with the following pcb

(NOTE: there are mainly two kinds of China CAN CLIP, bu the new CLIP 156 only work with one)
CLIP 156 installation steps:
How to Install Newest Renault CAN Clip V156:

Step 1 - open Crack Renault CLIP
Insert CAN CLIP 156 disk and open it.
copy folder Activation(Patch V3) to Desktop
open Crack Renault CLIP
Register Editor: click Yes.
Click OK.
Click OK.
close folder Activation(Patch V3)
Step 2 - install CLIP 156
open setup in CAN CLIP 156 disk
Click the laptop icon (FIRST INSTALLATION) in CLIP V152 interface.
Click "I accept...agreement" and click Next.
Select country. (if no, select OTHER COUNTRY). and click Next.
Select language and click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next to begin copying files.
Click Next to install Windows Resource Kit Tools.
Click I Agree to continue.
Click Next.
Click Installing now.
Successfully install the Windows Resource Kit Tools. Click Finish to exit.
automatically operation by the system....
Restart your computer.
NOTE: After the computer reboots, this window pop up and automatically install. Do not cancel software but let it go on.
Click Finish for installing CLIP.

Step 3 - setup CLIP Properties
Right click "CLIP" on Desktop for Properties.
Click Find Target...
Cut "RSRWin" in C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application, to paste on Desktop.
Open "Activation(Patch V3)" on Desktop, to copy "RSRWin" to C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application.
Then open the new "RSRWin" in C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application.
Click to tick for "I understand and accept..."
Click Register me now.
Are you pert of the Renault Network? Select No.
Enter the unlocking code with the picture guide Renault Clip Registeration Step 4 in the folder Activation(Patch V3)

then click Confirm.
Registration successful: click OK.
replace "RSRWin" in C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application with"RSRWin" on Desktop
close CLIP Properties
Step 4 - Computer management
found new hardware wizard: select Next
click Finish
go to Computer management
select Device manager->Bosch automotive service solution device->18-alliance vehicle communication interface

close Computer management
Step 5 - open CLIP to begin diagnosis


Free download Renault CAN Clip V156 iso

Renault CAN Clip V156 interface is released. Come to free download clip 156 here to first experience.

free download:
(offered by a forum member; haven't tested; responsible for what you try)
suggested computer:
PC with Windows XP operating system
workable device:
CLIP installation reference:
Renault CAN Clip Functions:
Work on cars from year 1996 to 2013, but only available to part 2014 cars
Reading all the information relating to the vehicle
Automatic test of all computers
Airbag test
Acantool (OBD tests)
Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
Physical measurements