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can clip v170
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How to install Renault CAN CLIP v164 on Window XP

Renault CAN CLIP v164, how to install? how-to guide of  Renault CAN Clip V164 software installation for you all...

You can Free download Renault CAN CLIP v164.exe at your own risk
or spend some pennies with tested versions from for sake of security

the installation instruction here for Windows xp users.
Renault can clip widows 7 32 bit needs luck!

Here you go....

Step1. ready for can clip v164 installation
Unzip and open Renault CAN Clip V164 software folder.
Copy “Activation (Patch 3)” folder to desktop.
Open “Activation (Patch 3)” folder,
right click on the “Crack Renault Clip” registration entries
then click on “Merge”->“Yes” ->“OK”.

Step2. Renault can clip v164  first installation
Open the “Setup”.exe.
 Click on “First Installation” icon.
Select  “I accept…” option and click on “Next”.
Select   “Other Countries” and click on “Next”.
Select  “English” and click on “Next”.
Select   “Renault” click on “Next” then “Next”.

Pop up “Windows Resource Kit Tools Setup Wizard”.
Click on “Next”
choose “I agree the agreement…”
Click on “Install Now”
Wait a while for completing then click on “Finish”
Restart your computer
click on “Finish”  
Renault CAN Clip V164 “First Installation” complete!

Step3. CLIP V164 Registration
Right click the “CLIP” icon on desktop, go to “Properties”
click on “Find Target”
go to disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/ Application
Cut the “RSRWin” application to desktop
Go to Renault CAN Clip V164 software folder ->“Activation (Patch 3)” folder
Copy the another “RSRWin” application to disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application

Open the “RSRWin” application in Application folder
Click on “I understand and accept the licence…” then “Register me now”.
“Are you part of Renault Network?”
Select  “No”
go to Renault CAN Clip V164 software folder and find a picture (Renault CLIP Registration Step-4)
enter the required “unlocking code” as the pic shows
click on “Confirm”
 “Registration successful”. Click on “OK”

Step4. “RSRWin” application replacement
replace the “RSRWin” application in  disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/ Application with the one on desktop
“Found New Hardware Wizard”
click on “Next”, then “Finish”
Install device driver successfully.

Step5. setup com port
go to  Computer management
select “Device Manager” ->“Bosch automotive service solution device” ->“18-alliance vehicle communication interface”

Step6. last setup for the use of CLIP
Right click on desktop to open “Display Properties”
Go to “Screen Saver” ->“Power and setup”
Change Settings: Power scheme: Always on->Turn off monitor: Never, Never->Turn off hard disk: Never, Never->System standby: Never, Never
After that, click on “Apply” then “OK”

Free download Renault CAN CLIP V164 on Mega (Tested OK)

Renault CLIP V164 is tested to work no issues!  Free download Can CLIP V164 for Renault:
It’s crack, no pass but NOT the tested version.

Safe to use:

(01/13/2016) Renault Can CLIP V164 has been tested OK!

Renault can clip windows 7 64 bit?

Renault Clip software is always tested ok in Windows XP system. But XP system is kind of out of date. Nowadays, most use Windows 7 64 bit. To run CLIP on WIN 7 or not, that’s a question of luck.
Here are users feedback on can clip windows 7 64 bit, some successful & some failed:
– Works fine on win7 x86.

– Yes, Can Clip runs on Windows 7-x64 and Windows 8….8.1-x64 m because use x-86 files from the system.

– If your version of Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium x64 it is normally not work, try Enterprise or Ultimate , I use Win 7 Ultimate x64 and canclip works very well

– Automatically detect a driver in both win7 and in win7-x86-x64, a kind can clip ALIANCE driver, bosch automotive … etc..
is absolutely necessary to have all updates made​to the operating system before installation canclip

– i try install in win 7 x64 pc but the driver of VCI not work
– It is NOT working in my Win7 64-bit
– same issue, not working W7 64bit

renault can clip reprogramming?

YES! Diagnosis and reprograming are the two main functions of renault can clip

renault can clip ECU programming?
some experienced users says it needs good charger 70A and voltage over 14V

CAN CLIP card key programming?

100% possible to use HF and non HF cards on these cars.
obviously if you code non HF CARD to HF car, HF function will not work on this car.
and if you code HF card to non HF car , the HF function will not work.
done it many times without any problem via true code and avdi

Renault CAN CLIP user manual?

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Renault can clip user manual


New Renault-COM Bluetooth User Manual& Installation Guide

In this blog you can know how to install and use new arrival Renault-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface software. Below part will guide you step by step:
Renault-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface has same function as Renault CAN Clip but cheaper than CAN Clip!
Renault CAN Clip price: about 104.99/ 149 + delivery fee (differ from versions)
Renault-COM Bluetooth price: €84.99 free shipping!

How to install Renault-COM Bluetooth software for Renault/ Dacia?
Step1. Download Net Framework 4.0.exe or 4.0 above in your laptop in advance.
Disable ALL available networks before install or use Renault-COM software.
Step2. Open “My Computer” then CD-ROM “ASP_REN (E:)”, copy all files to desktop.
Install Net Framework: double click Net Framework software icon on desktop to start the Setup.
Step3. First check the box “I have read and accept…” then click “Install”.
Wait a while and Net Framework installation complete, click “Finish”.
Step4. Open “SuperScan_10-02-13”, select language as English then click “OK”.
Click “Install” and wait a while, you will see the install wizard as below. Click “Next”→ “I accept…”→ “Next” → “Next” → “Install” → “Finish”.
Now you install Renault-COM BluetoothDiagnostic Interface software successfully! Delete Net Framework and “SuperScan_10-02-13” from desktop.
How use Renault-COM Bluetooth software to diagnose Renault cars?
Before use you should set Bluetooth first!
1.     Click the Bluetooth icon to choose “Open Bluetooth Settings”.
Click “Add” you will see “Add Bluetooth device wizard”, check the box “My device is set up and ready to be found” then click “Next”.
2.     Choose new device “AutoScan& Programming”, click “Next”.
Choose the option “Use the passkey…” input “1234” then click “Next”.
Add Bluetooth device wizard complete, click “Finish”.
3.     Click Bluetooth “AutoScan& Programming” and “OK”. Now Renault-COM Bluetooth setting finish.
Open “SuperScan Manager”, choose the language you use then click “Continue”, “OK”.
You need to fulfill personal information part. Just enter “1” in name blank and you can continue.
Click “Auto Detect” then “Test Connection” to test everything is OK to go on.
You should enter two activation codes, one for EOBD-OBDII, one for RENAULT. You can check them at the Read Me file.
Click “Diagnose”→ “New Vehicle” → “Renault” → “Create”.
After that you can use Renault-COMBluetooth Diagnostic and programming Interface to diagnose car!