can clip v170

can clip v170
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Renault CAN CLiP v162 Download (FREE)

Free download CAN CLiP v162 for Renault cars for diagnosis and reprogramming.
Download Renault CLIP:

CAN CLIP V162 +Reprog 151: (use with unknown security)
Renault CAN CLiP v160: (tested without issues)
Operation systems can be tried:

Works only with 32bit windows
Windows XP definitely work with the tested CLIP v160 software

Some also work fine on Win7 x86&Win 7 Ultimate x64
Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface---> YES
Renault CAN CLIP reprogramming---> YES
CAN CLIP for Renault ECU programming--> YES?

some experienced users says it needs good charger 70A and voltage over 14V. But the Chinese engineers have never verified this.

Renault CLIP for card key programming--> YES?
100% possible to use HF and non HF cards on these cars.
obviously if you code non HF CARD to HF car, HF function will not work on this car.
and if you code HF card to non HF car , the HF function will not work.
done it many times without any problem via true code and avdi

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