can clip v170

can clip v170
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Renault CAN CLIP V165: Tested OK, Works Perfectly

This is a test report of the new Renault CAN CLIP v165 diagnostic software. With new and old ecus, both OK in diagnosis and ecu reprogramming. Here you go

Who did the test: Professionals working for

What ECU to test with: Old ecu: Megane the 1997 year
                                         New ecu: Megane the 2010 year

Which software version: Renault CLIP V165.exe

Which diagnostic tool used: Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface
Note: 3 versions of china clones tested, incl.
Renault can clip the best-quality version (no communication issues)

What function tested: Obdii diagnosis...... 100% OK
                                       Ecu reprogramming.....OK
                                       Ecu programming....failed
                                       Key programming....failed
Note: for Renault ECU programming and key programming, Renault-COM diagnostic tool is the only one choice among china clones.
Is the test result reliable?
Definitely yes! The pros has been working in technique support of OBDII diagnosis and programming for years!

Where to get the tested Renault CAN CLIP software v165 to update?