can clip v170

can clip v170
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Anyone Bought A Renault Can Clip?

Question From:Infiltrator2K

Has Anyone Bought A Renault Can Clip??

Has anyone bought/used one of these clone diagnostics tools? If so is it any good? I ask this as I'm contemplating buying one.

Cheers Ian
Answer From:Gogslad

Yip, i've got one, it does every thing the dealer tool does, inc code keys and uch if you have the immob code, done every thing i've asked it to do so far, and thats a lot. Had it about a year now. Got it off for €119.00. paid for itself several times now.
Answer From:thomasrhomstein

I bought to that tool and I don't know how to reprog units.

It good for obd testing and quick multiplex diagnose. If you whant to reprog something it asks for a intrument code (7 numbers) and ... I don't know much. I heard that it also asks for other unit code like diesel injection, uch reprogram and radio code.

If someone can help me I'l be forever grateful to him. I have Clip v74, v85, v95. Reprog v60 and v83.
Answer From:vidaobd2

Yes, renault can clip can works as long as your install the crack first.
Answer From: mikelee

Renault can clip is the Renault 4s workshop tool.
it can do reprogramming, airbag test and some thing more....
Answer From:Farmerpug

I had airbag lights but no real idea of why they were lit. But the clip was especially useful on my clio where it pointed to the pretensioner and airbag being at fault on the passenger side i.e. wires under the seat.

My cousins car took some more working out, because it wouldn't open up the airbag ecu and said multiplex fault i assumed the ecu was dead and taking the cover off showed it covered in coffee.

But at the moment on my cousins 08 car we havent been able to find out exactly why the lights on other than side sensor circuits it can't just turn out the lights for the sake of it.
Its done its job on the older clios, although i havent been able to do extra things yet.
I've had pp2000 for my peugeot for about a year now and its great I've been able to add sat nav, disable the service light, solve the cruise control problem and the airbag lights. Clip doesn't seem to be as easy to use but it has worked and solved some problems.
Answer From:bugsb

having 3 renaults i have found the clip very handy for fault finding the more i use it the more i learn it paid for its self the first time i used it.
with the kangoo van it was the only thing that will work being a 1999 model.
but as has been said certain parts of it if you dont know what you are doing leave alone
a spare laptop is better with just win xp no other programme evan antivirus running
Answer From:mord

you need a laptop with a 1024x768 screen or higher, it needs XP to SP3 installed, all the extra updates shouldnt make any difference.

the reno applications all overlay over each other, so i think the full package comes in a number of cd/DVD bundles for each model of car covered, so a dedicated laptop is probably recomended, D620's are about £150 off ebay and you probably will need a full span ntfs partition to handle it all. doing the install would probably take all day to do as well
i originally tried using a netbook but the screen res was too small. also you will probably need a built in serial port, which does limit the laptops available, as usb serial port.
chinese prolific cheap knock off clone types tend not to work well, as prolific have boobytrapped thier drivers to do a self test and if they fail they generate an error 10 in windows.

the serial port is needed if you have other plugin tools that need to be used on the car.
If your up a creek without a paddle (or stuck somewhere without a dealership within 2,000 miles of one) then YES its very much worth buying one.

it may not clear the limp mode, but it WILL show you what is causing the problem, so you can then clean the faulty parts or order spares to fix it.