can clip v170

can clip v170
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Renault CAN CLIP V151 warning Unable to launch CLIP application

Renault CANCLIP V151 diagnostic software is well installed on Windows XP SP3 operating system. The Renault CLIP interface is well connected to computer and vehicle with all ISO and CAN indicators flashed, but trying to diagnose cars, the software reported two errors:
(Error screenshots taken below)

1)Perdida de la comunicacion con el calculador
Que el contacta este puesto
La conexion de cable OBD
Validar para relanzar la comunicacion

Loss of communication with the computer
That this position contact
OBD cable connection
Validate to relaunch communication

Unable to launch CLIP application
Please make sure it is not already running or reboot your diagnostic station


1Re-install the CAN CLIP V151 software
Download 2015 Renault CAN CLIP 151 torrent here:

2If still does not work, change another laptop running Win XP